Granola Oatmeal Coconut Bars

Coconut, Date and Almond Granola Bars

Theory is how I cook.  I have an idea, I research it, think about it and experiment with it.  Then eventually something works.  It’s a method, but it makes for … Continue Reading →

Oatmeal Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies

Oatmeal Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies

That is a mouthful of a cookie name isn’t it?  But, that is what they are…a mouthful of deliciousness! Okay, now back story.  So all this week my son has … Continue Reading →

Chocolate Cinnamon Chia Pudding

Chocolate Cinnamon Chia Pudding

I am in a sort of detox from all the holiday cheer I recently indulged in.  I was somewhat good about my consumption until about two weeks before Christmas and … Continue Reading →

Salted Toffee with Roasted Almonds

English Toffee With Roasted Almonds

I will not take credit for this one.  I only changed this recipe the tiniest bit, so really there is no true originality to it.  But, it is amazing toffee … Continue Reading →

Vanilla Bean Whipped Cream

Vanilla Bean Whipped Cream

I will be the first to say that with my pointer finger, I can probably down a whole container of Cool Whip in two minutes.  But, after that I get … Continue Reading →

Traditional Pumpkin Pie

Pumpkin Pie

In the past I have tried to make pumpkin pie fancy.  I have tried candied ginger, fresh ginger, fresh nutmeg, fresh pumpkin and on and on and on.  I have … Continue Reading →

The Ingredience for the Vodka Pie Crust

Vodka Pie Crust

I am not a baker.  I will say that time and time again.  The exactness of baking just doesn’t really fit my personality.  But, it was Thanksgiving and pumpkin pie … Continue Reading →